Dr. Stephen J. Hoenig has been practicing vascular surgery in the community since 1998 committing himself to the areas in which he serves.

We are committed to treatment of the individual and their very personal needs.

Our goal is to preserve health and activity in the community from which our patients come from.

Surgery is usually the choice of last resort

We concentrate first on a clear diagnosis and then encourage life-style modification and medical management when possible.

Varicose veins can be painful and interfere in activities of daily living.

We have many options for the treatment of painful veins utilizing minimally invasive office-based techniques.

Partnership between Dr. Hoenig and his patients

We will do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals by restoring and then preserving health.

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Welcome to our Vascular Imaging and Intervention Practice, specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions. Dr. Stephen J. Hoenig provides state-of-the art tests and treatments for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), cerebrovascular disease and stroke, aneurysms of aorta, dialysis access, wound care and varicose veins as well as other vascular conditions. Dr. Hoenig offers his patients personalized care in the community using the most current open and minimally invasive endovascular techniques.

Dr. Hoenig believes that the best way to achieve health and well being is to practice attentive care at a local level. With offices in Concord and Leominster, Massachusetts, we care for patients of north central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

The Hoenig practice is committed to involvement from diagnosis through treatment and
continued efforts toward prevention upon healing. Our personable staff provides kind and
compassionate care in a warm, patient-friendly environment.

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